Pirate Party

Posted in Legal, Society at 12:23 pm by Jens Hardings

Some time ago I wrote about the beginning of the “Pirate Party” in Sweden (article is in spanish). In that entry I really thought the whole story was more of a hoax than a real intention of creating a political party, mostly because of the irony inherent in the whole thing. The objectives were:

  • abolition of all intellectual property rights
  • Sweden must secede from international IP treaties
  • abolition of laws that forbid or limit distribution of information
  • right to privacy must be defined in the constitution and be protected harder.

But it seems that I was wrong. Or perhaps the huge response of the announcement moved the people behind this idea to really go for it and get a 4% in the upcoming elections. Whatever the case, now the objectives are much more conservative, leaving only “Right to Privacy” and a much more conservative stance on Copyrights and Patents, aiming at returning the “protections” to a fair and balanced level. Details in english are at http://www.piratpartiet.se/English.aspx

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