Signing in on bank websites

Posted in Security at 2:19 pm by Jens Hardings

BrokenLock.gifShould I be glad for not being the only one that cares about the reckless attitude of banks with the usage of SSL? It would be preferable for the problem to be solved (since the solution is pretty much straight forward). I first wrote about the situation of chilean banks back in december 2003, and it hasn’t improved. Now I see that the same is happening in USA, with more or less the same answers.

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  1. Roberto Sapiain said,

    June 14, 2006 at 9:32 pm

    in my humble opinion, the only way to do it is that the mass media were to disseminate this information, in a way that people without the this technical knowledge could understand the seriousness of this matter ( in Chile, we call this: “con manzanitas” ( with apples, it stands for: in a simple way ) ).
    Thanks a lot for highlighting this.

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